10 Simple Outdoor Reading Nooks + DIY Tips for Creating Your Own

14-6-18_ Cover_type

When you live in a small house, it just makes sense to expand your home to the outdoors, especially when days are long like they are now. These inspiring outdoor nooks are great for work, play, or a good summer read. I’ve collected a range of cozy corners from Über simple to slightly ambitious. All have DIY potential. Some are temporary and others can be left up year round. Which ones inspire you?

Photo Credits:  1. Via FlyCasual  2. Via Camille Hansen 3. Via T.4. Via Lucus Hull 5. Via Found Vintage Rentals 6. Via Vintage Revivals 7. Via The Apprentice Extrovert 8. Via Found Vintage Rentals 9. Via Prudent Baby 10. Via Misty Horizon

Things to consider when creating an outdoor dwelling: 

1. Maintenance: Select easy to clean, wipeable, materials that can handle a little drizzle and dust. Canvas is a great fabric choice. Sunbrella makes the best outdoor fabrics and come in a range of prices, colors and patterns. 

2. Moisture: If you live in high-moisture areas such as the south or midwest, try to avoid furniture with particle board. It will soak up moisture, expand, and rot. 

3. Quality: It’s best to hunt for goods from yard sales, thrift stores, or craigslist. Don’t put family heirlooms out that would be devastating should they be ruined. 

4. Winter: If you live in a place where it snows in the winter, think about how the space will “go into hibernation” so to speak. Can you disassemble and store it for the winter? If not, will it withstand the weight of snow pack?

5. Summer: Many fabrics will fade and rot under the intensity of the sun. Choose outdoor fabrics or plan to bring in soft goods when they aren’t in use. Even outdoor fabrics should be stored when not in use for long periods.

6. Materials: Consider visiting a camping, army surplus, or marine supply store for inspiration. These places usually stock goods intended to withstand the elements. 

7. Lighting: Solar lights are an easy option but should be brought in during long periods of inclement weather. You can also look for “damp” or “wet rated” fixtures that are intended for the outdoors. Use standard lights with caution. Keep them well protected from the rain. This short video shows you how to protect your plugs and extension cords. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=juEmMWffRPk  

8. Thoughts on reusing palettes: Palette reuse is a very popular topic. I’ve even highlighted one project here. In the spirit of the “healthy” component to my brand, I feel responsible to be candid on the topic of palette reuse. It’s never a good idea for interior projects and should be used with caution for outdoor projects. Read this short article on the truth about palette wood.http://www.earth911.com/living/health/how-to-safely-use-pallet-wood/

Hope these projects bring you inspiration and enjoyment. Have an outdoor nook you want to share? Please do!

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